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Welcome at Esfera's travel blog!  Stories about beading while trucking in my Mercedes Benz truck.

Esfera's travel blog showcases roadside beads and stuff and related findings.

 Esfera travel blog - beading and trucking on the road
Esfera's beading truck parked on a gravel road in northern Europe.


The bead soup blog party reveal

Bead soup blog party reveal

Hello peeps!
As you might know I am a bead collector… ehh well hoarder…ehh to be honest an addict. I have always loved the bead soup blog party as it gives us, jewellery makers, the chance to work with beads you don’t normally work with. It is always a great inspiration.
I was thrilled Lori decided to do a bead soup blog party again.

Lampwork glass beads - Winners of the Lonely Bead give-away

Lonely Bead, lampwork glass bead

My guest of September was the very talented glass artist Pichet Ketmee (Chet). As with all my interviews, there was something you could win. A pair of gorgeous lampwork glass beads made by Chet and a bracelet made by me.

Lampwork glass beads - Interview with Pichet (Chet) Ketmee of Lonely Bead

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads

First of all, my apologies for not being around for some time. And my deepest apologies to Chet, as this interview was planned for April. A lot is going on in my family after my dad passed away last year. It seems disaster struck every time we think we are a bit back on our feet.
But I’m not posting this to bother you with my personal problems, but with the good stuff. Yes, finally another interview.

Enameled charms - Winners of the Cathleen Zaring give away

Cathleen Zaring enameled charms

My guest of March was the amazing bead artist Cathleen Zaring.As with all my interviews, there was something you could win. A pair of earrings made by Cathleen and a pair made by moi.
I was spending time with my Mum so my apologies for being a day too late but the winners of this give-away have been drawn.

Enameled charms - Interview with bead artist Cathleen Zaring

Enameled earring charms, Blue Hare Art Wear

Who doesn’t get happy just by looking at the whimsical, brightly colored enameled charms made by Cathleen Zaring? I certainly do. To be honest, I have amassed quite a collection of her beautiful art beads of which I can’t seem to part (‘my precious…). I will, in due time, I promise I will. For now, we all get to know the artist and woman behind these beauties a bit more, as she is this months’ guest.

Chocolate is the answer.....or not?

im memoriam

This post isn’t about beads or jewellery. No, this post is about my other addiction: food. Yes, I love food. For years my signature in emails was the quote: Chocolate is the answer, no matter what the question is.

Tribute to my Dad

im memoriam

On Sunday, February 28  it was a year ago my dad passed away. I still miss him and there isn't a day going by without thinking of him.
I like to share this with you, my memories of my Dad. I wrote this last year for his memorial service in church.

Polymer clay art beads - winners of the Erin Prais-Hintz give-away

Dream big pendant by Erin Prais-Hintz from Tesori Trovati

My guest of February was the wonderful and multi talented US bead and jewelry artist Erin Prais-Hintz.

As with all my interviews, there was something you could win. A gift voucher of 20 USD to be used on gorgeous goodies in the shop of Erin: Tesori Trovati and a custom made necklace made by me.

Apologies for being a day too late but the winners of this give-away have been drawn.

Polymer clay art beads - Interview with Erin Prais-Hintz

Story beads by Erin Prais-Hintz from Tesori Trovati

Erin Prais-Hintz is this month’s guest in my series of interviews with bead artists. I cannot express how thrilled I am that she agreed in participating. Erin is a very gifted artist who is well known for her beautiful jewelry and her inspirational beads as well as a writer for the blogs Art Bead Scene, Earrings Everyday and Halcraft. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t resist and I signed up for the Simple Truths Sampler Club for the second time. Let’s find out more about the person behind Simple Truths and Tesori Trovati. Meet Erin Prais-Hintz.

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