Art bead earring challenge

Esfera Jewelry earrings with ceramic beads from Bo Hulley

This is the very first time I’m participating in a challenge and I cannot express how exited I am. And a bit worried as I have committed myself to create one pair of earrings every week, containing art beads, for the coming 13 weeks.

The Art Jewelry Elements team is hosting a year-long Earring Challenge in 2013. Participants will sign up for 13 weeks at a time to make one pair of earrings every week with an art bead or component that was made by another bead artist or by one's own hands! When we post the earrings, we then give credit to the artist that made the bead or component.   

I love earrings, but I always seem to struggle creating them. I mostly stick to bracelets. So this really is going to be a challenge for me. Especially when I see the gorgeous creations from all other participants.

My first pair, containing ceramic beads from Bo Hulley Beads

My first pair is made in my favorite color Purple. I’ve used ceramic beads from the very talented UK artist Bo Hulley.

Esfera Jewelry earrings with ceramic art beads from Bo Hulley

I love her beads and I my collection of her beads is expanding alarmingly. Which worries my hubby a bit, as we don’t have a lot of storage space.
I have combined the beads (which have sweet creamy spots!!) with a tiny Lucite flower, Swarovski crystal and some brass findings.

Esfera Jewelry earrings with ceramic beads from Bo Hulley

My second pair, featuring lampwork beads from Lizbeads

My second pair is made with the gorgeous lampwork beads of Lizbeads. They have all kinds of beautiful browns and greens with some golden spots. Very difficult to photograph. At least for me, as I do not have any talent for photography what so ever. So excuses for the poor quality of my pictures.

Esfera Jewelry earrings with lampwork beads from Lizbeads

I have combined Liz’s art beads with copper leafs and copper wire swirl.

Esfera Jewelry earrings with art beads from Lizbeads


These earrings are of course for sale in my etsy shop.

You can find Bo Hulley Beads and Lizbeads on etsy.

Here you can find all the gorgeous creations for the art bead earring challenge.
And this is the pinterest board.

Here you can find the list of all the other participants. Please visit them all to see their wonderful creations.

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Your earrings are pretty with that bright copper. As far as pictures I think they look good and close up. Picasa is a free program I use and I love the way you can get up close pictures and add light or darkness. You might try that if you are wanting to change things. I'll check your etsy site out.

Your earrings are gorgeous. I

Your earrings are gorgeous. I think you were clever making a little vine on the copper leaves.Y

The second pair reminds me of

The second pair reminds me of the highbush blueberries we used to pick at my great aunt's home. Really inspired.

Both lovely pairs of

Both lovely pairs of earrings. I love the combination of the copper leaves with the lampwork beads.

Beautiful earrings. The

Beautiful earrings. The purple pair is beautiul, but my favorite one is the copper swirl pair. Lovely!

AJE Challenge

Both pairs are beautiful, I love the purple pair, my favorite color, those are stunning. And the little dangle you added to the heart on the second pair...wonderful! Great Job!

Beautiful earrings! I love

Beautiful earrings! I love the sweet purple earrings, but my favorite is the copper leaf earrings.

Earring Chellenge

I love Bo's beads so much! She is one of my favorite ceramic artists. Her beads look so pretty paired with the flowers you placed below them. Love them. Thank you for joining the AJE Earring Challenge!

AJE Challenge - Week 1

These are both beautiful - LOVING that purple! Your little tendril of copper dangling off the second pair is so sweet - love them!

Art bead earring challenge

Your earrings a beautiful! I especially like the purple pair. So pretty!