Art beads and new years resolutions

Ceramic beads and glass artbeads

First of all: I wish you all a VERY happy, healthy & prosperous 2013! May all your wishes come true.



Well, 2013 is 5 days old and I have almost returned back to the land of the healthy people.
Spending Christmas in bed with influenza is NOT my idea of a fun Christmas. Hubby took his turn on Silvester.
Ah well, it could have been worse. According to the newspapers it was just a mild influenza epidemic, spreading around in the Netherlands.

Well, the start of the new year for me is always full of new year resolutions. Not that I'm able to stick to them.  Normally I'm back to my "normal" self after one week. But it's the thought that counts, doesn't it? One day, I will succeed.

My most important non-bead-related resolution is trying to loose weight.  A lot of it. To be honest, I have this resolution every year and each year the outcome is the same. I quit my diet 5 minutes after I had started it. I just love food. And not particularly the healthy stuff.
But now it has to stop. In the last couple of years I’ve managed to completely loose my waist. I’ve looked everywhere…nowhere to be found. I could easily be hired for a Michelin tire commercial. I very much resemble their mascot.

But let’s stick to the good stuff, shall we. Bead related resolutions. Here we go:
-    blog at least every two weeks.
-    participate in blog hops
-    a giveaway every quarter
-    stop drooling over and start creating something with all the beautiful goodies I received.

Gorgeous bead candy from the very talented UK artist Bo Hulley Beads

Bo Hulley Beads

Bead candy from Bo Hulley Beads

Lovely beads from Blueberribeads and SlateStudioSupply

Blueberribeads and SlateStudiosSupply
Ceramic and glass art beads

And lovely goodies from Smittenbeads


Lovely goodies from Smittenbeads

Sadly, I will not have a lot of time to play with these lovelies this month. My last CMA exam is in February, and I am way behind. But I will find some time to play :)


What a beautiful collection!

What a beautiful collection! Looking forward to seeing what you make... hope you get some time to play soon4R and good luck with the exam! x

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