Art tiles and more - interview with bead and jewelry artist Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Handmade pendant, art tile bead by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

My guest this month is the multi talented bead and jewelry artist Janice Everett for JLynnJewels.

She not only makes beautiful jewelry but just the most gorgeous art tiles I have ever seen. So it would not surprise you that I have to admit I have developed a serious J-Lynn Jewels art-tile addiction.

So I hope you are as exited and thrilled as I am that she agreed to participate in this interview.

Janice Everett from JLynnJewels


Q: What I understand from your website you had a great variety of jobs. When and why did you decide to concentrate on jewelry and beads?  
Creativity is always something that has been a part of me – and no matter what job I was in, or where we were living - there was always something creative in the works.  When my husband and I were first married in the mid-80s, we moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  It was there I apprenticed in a small Artisan Jewelry Store, and where I was bitten by the jewelry bug.  Over the next 10 years, with more moves and jobs (including developing a Marketing and Education program for a top Fabric and Craft Retailer), I continued to design and work on my skills.  In 2001, I was able to start building my business with commissioned free-form wire wrapped pendants, and special events jewelry. By 2004, I introduced several jewelry lines based on my customer’s needs and over the next four years, I grew a wholesale division for my business, selling to a variety of upscale boutiques with the help of a couple Sales Representatives.   Lampwork Beads & Tiles were a natural addition of my journey, because it allowed me to combine my own Artwork with my love of old art forms (decoupage and wood burning since the 80s, and Lampworking since 2008).

Handmade art tiles, beads by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: Do you work full time as an artist?
If a full-time Artist indicates your income is based solely from your creative endeavors – than the answer is yes.  However, keep in mind that full-time hours, don’t always equal a full-time salary.  As any solo Artist can attest, the balancing of life, family and your creative side, always means a give and take, and a re-arranging of creative projects to better meet financial goals and family needs.  Happiness and success are too often defined by the numbers, versus the quality of time and life.  For me…Family has, and always will, come first.  That’s why in 2010, I made the decision to scale back my wholesale division, so that I could create a better balance for myself and family, while making my business more personal, by re-establishing a one-on-one, meaningful connection with my customers. 

Handmade earrings with art tiles by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q:  You are working with wood. Are you planning to explore other materials as well in the future, like glass, polymer clay, ceramic or metal?
With my background, there aren’t too many mediums I haven’t worked with.  However, this year with the re-arrangement of my schedule – I’m planning a creative return to some of my past loves…Free-form Wireworking, Lampworking, Metalwork, Polymer Clay, and Mixed Media with Watercolors/Acrylics.  Plus, in 2016, I’m hoping to finally use my kiln for small glass fusing projects, as well as some PMC creations in Copper & Bronze.  Class wise – I would love to take time to attend some specific project oriented classes with mixed media art, advanced watercolor painting, and Stained Glass. 

Artisan handmade bracelet with lampwork glass by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: Are you self-taught?
For the most part – yes…however, I have taken a few artistic classes (in both private and group settings), and likewise I’ve been on the opposite end – as an Instructor, teaching many classes in Art & Craft Mediums (including jewelry).   Education and inspiration is so important in the creative world – and I’m a huge supporter of helping others in building their skills, while inspiring them to trust their inner design thoughts. Since I’m a written and visual learner, my own Tutorials typically include step-by-step photographs, with ideas on how to personalize and make the design your own.

Art tiles and earrings by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: What inspires you in your work?
The little things…I get inspired by the smallest of details that most people do not notice, or in the creative process of bringing an idea or thought to life.  Color is a big inspiration – as are fabrics,  patterns, animals, flowers, and fashion. My own emotions play a huge part in my inspiration – and whether I’m happy, sad, or confused - I often design as an outlet to express feelings like unconditional love, a memory of a special place, event, or person - or a Talisman for Challenging times.  Nature is also a huge inspiration…the sunlight plays through the trees, lighting, reflections in water, the serenity of the Beach, the glorious colors in Fall, and the snow and ice in the winter.  I also love Kaleidoscopes!  In essence,  I find inspiration everywhere…and love to portray those thoughts and feelings into my creations – whether that’s jewelry, tiles, artwork, or paintings.

Ocean, beach Art tiles, beads by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: What does a typical day in the life of Janice looks like?
Squirrel Moments…yes – that would describe most of my days.  So in actuality - a typical day for me – is rather “Atypical” lol.  After years of working by the clock, meeting deadlines, having to engage my analytical side, and forcing myself to be a bit more on the extrovert side (mind you…I’m an INFJ or INFP depending on my mood),  I was so happy to finally make the switch to full-time Artist.  On the “being my own boss” side, I do try to create a flexible schedule – where I devote time to not just creating, but also time for the mundane things like record keeping, listing, photographing, and other administrative jobs.  Of course my week would not be complete without making time to shop for new beads and components.

Studio from Janice Everett, JLynnJewels

Studio from Janice Everett, JLynnJewels

Work in progress, art tiles by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Work in progress

Q: You have achieved a lot in the bead and jewelry world. Your work is published in numerous magazines, you have written articles, appeared on tv, teaching classes. Your beads are being used by many artists. What are your plans and goals for the future?
Thank you – it’s so easy to gloss over ones achievements, because sometimes you feel so pressured to do more, create more, be more, show more, share more – or you spend unnecessary time worrying about what others think – that you forget to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come, and to actually celebrate the milestones, achievements, and the uniqueness that’s you.  From the business side, I’m a firm believer in following my heart, and trusting my instincts as they relate to being creative.  Right now that means I’m looking forward to designing more than ever, and  streamlining my current Art Tile lines & themes, while adding a few Limited Edition Tiles…and of course, taking time to create new Jewelry Tutorials for my DIY Jewelry customers.  From the administrative side of things…I’m working on updating my regular website, plan to remain active on Etsy…while introducing a new jewelry line with Handmade at Amazon.   Lastly, from the personal side…and if I had to sum up one master plan…it would be to inspire others to be more open, authentic, understanding, supportive, and to appreciate the uniqueness and individuality in the creative world.   Life for me, is not a competition…so goal wise – it’s pretty simple for me – “To find the balance, and be Happy in all things”

Home decor by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Home decor by Janice Everett, JLynnJewels

Q: Is there a particular bead and/or jewelry artist you admire or who you consider a role model?
There are so many different people that I admire – from fellow designers and component creators, to those that share their expertise through Education,  it would be impossible to name everyone.  Now It’s true that I admire many an Artisan that creates beads or other focals (my massive “collection” speaks the truth lol)…and I equally love highlighting these Artisan whenever I create a new design, because very often their creation is the reason why I’m inspired to create.  As for role models…I tend to gravitate to those that consistently cheer on others,  are genuine in their compassion and care, and can also celebrate in others’ success.  I simply adore the ones that remain positive, upbeat and supportive – because their attitude is contagious and always warms the heart.   The Social networking world can be challenging, so that’s why I feel so blessed to “work” with so many wonderful colleagues and feel so grateful to have made so many wonderful friends.

Artisan handmade earrings by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: If you were not a bead and jewelry artist, what would you be doing?
Ironically, I have a degree in Music Education (Voice Major)…but the truth is, all through college, I always wanted to be a Graphic Artist and explore various Art forms.  Although I did that in my own way over the years – I do believe that if I had not been bitten by the jewelry bug…I would have more than likely been highly active in the Art world - and spending my days painting in my tiny, cozy cottage by the sea.

Art tiles, handmade beads by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: Do you have a life motto and if so, would you like to share this with us?
“When you do Good, good will follow you…remember Kindness, Positivity, Peace & Love Matter” – a reminder that Karma is a beautiful thing when used in a positive way.  Although life may have hardships, sickness, challenging times, a few nay sayers,  haters and bullies…it also holds many positive and beautiful things, if you can keep an open heart and mind.  Which also brings to mind, that in any given day, we only have control over our own reaction and attitude – so for me, I truly believe in taking things in stride, going with the flow, utilizing my talents and skills for the good, listening to my heart - while trusting my instincts (especially as they relate to creativity) – to maintain a positive balance in your life.

Handmade necklace by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Q: Do you have tips, tricks or advise you like to share with us?
Well – jewelry wise, my biggest advice is to master the wire wrap loop, because it is like the foundation to a house – and it’s something to build upon.  Business and Educational wise - I try to share via my Blog, but in late 2015, early 2016, I will be releasing a new series of DIY Tutorials.  And the last thing, which is from the creative side…is about finding your “Niche” – not always an easy thing for some…but if you’re willing to follow your heart and give yourself freedom to let the creativity flow, and then follow it – you will reach a point of understanding the things that call to you…where you feel at “home” – and that is when your “Niche” will simply find you.  So take time to grow your knowledge and skills, practice, practice, practice and experiment…because it is those things that help really define your own personal and unique creative style.  

Art tile pendant, handmade bead by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Handmade pendant, art tile bead by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Thank you so much Janice for participating in this interview. You are an amazing artist and a lovely person and I love reading it. I can't wait to see your new line of jewelry and art tiles.

I can imagine after reading this and seeing Janice's wonderful work, you want to own your own genuine JLynnJewels pieces

You can find Janice beautiful art tiles and jewelry in her etsy shop
And you can find more info on her website (currently under construction)
She also has a facebook page were you can find the latest news
Plus you can find her on…

Of course this interview would not be complete without a give-away. And we have 4. Yes, you read that right: 4!!!

Janice is generously gifting away a pair of earrings as well as a gift voucher of 25 USD to be used in her etsy shop;

Give-away 1: Pair of handmade earrings by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Note: the earrings shown in this picture are an example. Janice will contact you which beautiful earrings you have won.

Handmade earrings by Janice Everett from JLynnJewels

Give-away 2: a gift voucher of 25 USD which can be used in the etsy shop of JLynnJewels to buy beautiful jewelry and art tiles

gift voucher JLynnJewels

You also make a chance to win one of these pairs of earrings made by me

Give-away 3: a pair of handmade earrings by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

Handmade earrings by Esfera Jewelry

These are made with beautiful art tiles from Janice, some tiny hematite beads, brass drum beads and bead caps, citrine and handmade copper earwires from Faerystone.

Give-away 4: a pair of handmade earrings by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

Bohemian handmade earrings by Janine Lucas, Esfera Jewelry

Art tiles from Janice, polymer clay beads from Cindy Hinds, silver plated bead caps, vintage metal flower beads, Czech glass and copper earwires

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Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you next time.

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I will follow you both & shared

I saw my "Earrings Everyday" email this morning and it was a pair of your gorgeous creation and it led me to here! Loved this article. Loved and shared

Great interview - such an

Great interview - such an inspiring outlook on creativity and life!

I love your interviews with

I love your interviews with different bead artists and seeing their beautiful work. Janice makes beautiful components and jewelry and so much fun to view them. I especially liked the sea-themed components. Thanks for the opportunity to win such wonderful prizes!


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Blog interview

Wow! Wasn't familiar with Janice's work, and it's beautiful! Another great interview, Janine X

I always look forward to

I always look forward to these and thank you for introducing us to new, talented makers :) Janice does such lovely work! Of course please don't enter me in the contest as I have already won an amazing prize in one of your giveaways... but I wanted to pop up to thank you for another great interview! xo -- julie

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What a great interview - and

What a great interview - and nice to 'meet' another jewellery person that is also a singer. Thank you Janice and Janine!

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I LOVE her tiles!

I LOVE her tiles!


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I love using ART Tiles in my

I love using ART Tiles in my designs! Great quality and gorgeous colors!

These are gorgeous!

These are gorgeous!

Nice Interview

I loved the questions you asked Janice. We really got to know so much more about her, her journey and her vision.

Nice Interview

Really nice interview. I enjoyed getting to know more about Janice.

I'm a huge fan of Janice! ❤

I'm a huge fan of Janice! ❤ Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Oh boy, I am such a Janice

Oh boy, I am such a Janice fan! And I love this interview! Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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Shared on Pinterest

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