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Hello lovely peeps,

It is been a long time since my last post. After my mum passed away I wasn’t in the mood to design or write much. My daytime job as a management consultant was also very demanding, which was perfectly ok. I could bury myself into the numbers and didn’t have to think or feel too much of the loss.

 Pantanassa monastery in Mystras

Last week hubby and I took a few days off and explored part of the Peloponnese. Here a picture of the Pantanassa monastery in Mystras, dedicated in September 1428. It is the only monastery on the site still permanently inhabited.

It was good to come down from the stress and reflect on all that has happened in the last three years. I laughed, I cried, I talked, I walked and slowly I felt my soul starting to heal. I am not there yet, but I will.

One of the signs: Esfera Jewelry, bead embroidery project, remembrance necklaceI am starting designing again. And I am back to my old love: bead embroidery. I started taking apart the remembrance necklace of my dad, as I didn’t like the original design. 

Esfera Jewelry, work in progress, bead embroidered pendantThis is the new design. It is not ready yet, but it will. Originally I thought of making it a combined necklace including my mum as well. But that didn’t feel right. After all, they were separate people, each having their own personalities. I already have ideas for the necklace of my mum and waiting for a special cab I ordered. Will keep you updated.

My dad is a Taurus, hence the little bull skull, carved of bone. He liked flowers and gardens, hence the tiny acrylic flower.  



While at it, I started two more projects for necklaces and four for earrings.

Esfera Jewelry, butterfly pendant, bead embroideryCeramic butterfly, brass and copper stampings, glass cabochon, acrylic flower.














 Bead embroidery pendant, work in progress, Esfera Jewelry





Moss Agate cabochon, acrylic flower.




















These three pairs of earrings are finished (each took me four hours to complete) and are available in my shop. Just click on the pictures and you will go straight to them.

Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry, bead embroidery earrings,
Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry, bead embroidery earrings

Esfera jewelry, bead embroiderd earrings 

I wrote a bit about it in my monthly post on earrings everyday. Pop over and have a look. I love if you leave a comment, so we know you appreciate what we do on that blog.

That’s it for now. Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of joy, happiness and laughter.

Glad to see you back

I'm happy to see you back here and enjoying beading again. I very much like the remake start of your dad's remembrance pieces. Beautiful.

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