Bead hoarder

Esfera jewelry bracelet with art beads

Today is the reveal of the bead hoarders blog hop, organized by Lori Anderson, an amazing jewelry artist as well as an amazing human being. A person I admire very much. Although she has serious health issues, she still finds the energy to organize all these nice blogs and being this amazing person. Lori, I hope today as well as the days to come will be wonderful for you!


Hoarding beads, errr, that’s something most jewelry artists are familiar with. Not me of course. I don’t hoard beads. Never, ever. It’s only I don’t have space anymore for my clothes in our tiny house, because it’s all stuffed with beads, beads and then some more. And somehow, miraculously, new envelopes with gorgeous beads still find their way to our truck.

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I love art beads, especially when they are made by Humblebeads or Bo Hulley beads. I’m afraid Bo Hulley can confirm I’m a real addict to her beads.

I finally could tear myself emotionally apart from this gorgeous humblebeads art bead (Vincent van Gogh series) and the lovely tiny yellow house and bead from Bo Hulley Beads and created this bracelet with them.

Esfera Jewelry bracelet with art beads

My next bracelet is again with a beautiful bead and charm from Humblebeads, I had in my stash for almost 2 years. The recently purchased birdie from Bead Me Up Buttercup has the perfect matching color blue as do the tiny beads purchased from Mango Beads.

Esfera jewelry bracelet with polymer clay beads and fresh water pearls

My next bracelet is made with beads I purchased by mistake. I thought the coral bamboo were of a much smaller size. So I didn’t know what to do with them for a couple of years. But I discovered the recently purchased house from Somethingtodobeads has the perfect matching color red and size of the coral. Combined with a lovely ceramic heart from Bo Hulley Beads it looks lovely.

Esfera jewelry bracelet with bamboo coral and polymer clay art bead

My last is a necklace made with a beautiful pendant from Elukka, which is in my stash for 8 months. I had made a very simple necklace with it, but I didn’t like it, so it was sitting there as one of my UFO’s for a long time.

The old version:

Esfera jewelry necklace with birdhouse pendant

The new version:

Esfera jewelry necklace with art pendant and Czech glass

I like the way it has turned out.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you again. Please make sure to visit Lori’s blog. You can find a list of all the participants and hop along.

Beautiful designs! I really

Beautiful designs! I really love the re-do on the last one!

I know I'm a bit late in

I know I'm a bit late in commenting, but I just wanted to let you know that your pieces are lovely! What fun ways to showcase your treasures! :)

Bead Hoard

I really love your bracelets and necklaces. I also love your 'home'. How Fun! You are living a life that I would LOVE!

Love what you made! Your

Love what you made! Your jewellery is gorgeous! And isn't it funny? I used a BeadMeUpButtercup bird bead in my reveal piece too. My faves are the reworked necklace - beautiful! - and the bird bracelet.

Lots of yummy designs ...

... Very rich in colours, texture and detail. My fave is the last one - the beautiful necklace with greens and pearls and that amazing pendant.

Janine all of your pieces are

Janine all of your pieces are beautiful and very creative.I like the blue bracelet best. The necklace redo is great. The new design lets the focal shine.

You do have quite the stash

You do have quite the stash it seems. I really like all of your items, but that last necklace. . .wooooo! Your re-do of it just warms my heart. It's delightful!

Love your wonderful

Love your wonderful bracelets:) Especially the blue bird.
I apologize if you get more than one comment from me...I've been having a bit of computer trouble and sometimes my comments won't save.

thank you for your lovely

thank you for your lovely comment Robyn. And it worked perfectly, only 1 comment :-)

I love them all, but the blue

I love them all, but the blue bird has to be my favorite !


Love your pieces! The make-over on the last piece is my absolute favorite!!!

Each piece is more beautiful

Each piece is more beautiful than the made some gorgeous pieces!

Janine, not only did you

Janine, not only did you create wonderful designs, you even took time to improve on something. That is such a perfect necklace... I fear going to Sissy's shop because I can't control myself LOL.


This is the second post I've seen Bead Me Up Buttercup birds in! I love every single one of the bracelets and would wear them all happily. And I LOVE Elukka, have a ton of her My Land pieces and several bowls. You have excellent taste!

Thanks so much for participating!

Wow, fantastic!! I think the

Wow, fantastic!! I think the necklace was pretty before, but you really cranked it up a notch, gorgeous! That second bracelet is really a standout too since I am a huge blue fan (I got you beat my hoarded bracelet has a six year old humblebead :) good company here !)

love the chunky style

I love the chunky style of your work - but I especially love the house and tree pendant!

Each is lovely and unique!

Each is lovely and unique!

i love what you came up

i love what you came up with!!!


I love all of your designs. I'm a fan of Bo Hulley's beads too.


I love your creations - what a fantastic stash! My favorite is the last piece - beautiful!


You made beautiful pieces. That was a much nicer use of the little house pendant.

Love all your designs...can't

Love all your designs...can't pick a favorite :o)

love the bracelets,

love the bracelets, especially the red and silver. The reworked necklace is so special.

These are all great, Janine.

These are all great, Janine. I've only made one piece. You've done a fair better job. Very nice!

Fabulous, but especially the

Fabulous, but especially the Elukka necklace.. xx

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