Beaders’ Paradise in Braunschweig

Beaders’ Paradise in Braunschweig

We have just spent 2 wonderful weeks with our friends in Braunschweig, Germany. Our friend clearly had a mission: showing me Beaders’ Paradise.  As she happens to know my addiction to beads and stuff.

Treasure trove

My S.O., obviously knowing me, reminded me of our living situation before we headed off to do some serious shopping: “darling, remember, we DO live in a truck, so sorry to say, but we don’t have a lot of storage space left”.
With me have confiscated already 1 third of our storage space for my beads and other jewelry making stuff I absolutely need, together with finished goods and stuff to display it all on a market.

But it can never hurt to take a look, can’t it?!
And a Beaders’ Paradise it is: The Afghan Warehouse in Braunschweig (Waisenhausdamm 4, 38100 Braunschweig). And they not only sell gorgeous beads, bells, leather cord, semi-precious stones, findings but also other beautiful stuff I like from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Colorful clothes, Moroccan lamps, Buddha statues, incense, all kinds of wooden handicraft, furniture, you name it, they have it. Gosh, if only our truck wasn’t so small (a14 ton truck that is).

Esfera items from the Afghan Warehouse

And I was able to restrict myself (truth to be told, only because I was somewhat overwhelmed with all the stuff they sold). Leather cord, ceramic “African” beads and colorful little bells. At this moment I only have an idea for the colorful little bells, but what can I say, I absolutely needed the other items.

Work in progress

And I am close to finally finish my “Native American” beaded necklace.

Esfera beaded necklace

I still have to decide fringe or not. And if yes, what kind of fringe.

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