Beading at the overland travel meeting, Mendig-Germany

Beading at the overland travel meeting, Mendig-Germany

Once a year some insignificant grassland in Mendig turn into a small village of mobile homes. From the simple to the bizarre, from small bush taxi’s to enormous MAN-KAT trucks, you can find it here. 


Willy's overland travel meeting

For a long weekend this community, consisting of very experienced travelers to newbie’s, share their love for traveling. The event is meant to share info about traveling and just to have a lot of fun with each other.

View from above Willy's overland travel meeting Mendig Germany

Most people have a little improvised stall in front of their “home” to sell second-hand stuff or handicrafts. And of course I took this opportunity to promote and sell my jewelry.

Esfera jewelry shop Mendig Germany

And I got busy too, having to start and finish a lot of commissions in this weekend.

Esfera jewelry stall Mendig Germany

I’m so happy when I’m able to create a piece which compliments the wearer. Or create a piece which is just what the wearer had envisioned. Beading in the sun surrounded by great company, what more does a beader want?