Berries and jewelry

Esfera jewelry creating with berries

Berries, I love them. I love the color, I love the taste, I love them all. Sadly, I’m allergic to them, so if I eat too many, I start to look like an alien, with strange looking bumps all over my body. And these bumps itch. So best to leave them alone, I guess.

Creating with berries

That is, for eating. Not for playing with “berries”. I was so thrilled to see the latest Inspired design challenge from Lori Bergmann on her blog Living Life Creatively. Look at these colors!

Design seeds, berries
For more colors to be inspired by, visit the website from Design Seeds.

I knew exactly what beads to take. In my stash are some gorgeous freshwater pearls, named “elderberry”. Combined with a beautiful lampie from Grace Lampwork Beads, some extra bling (a girl gotta have her bling) and Vintaj brass and voila…my berry bracelet was done.

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with "berries"

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with freshwater pearls and lampwork bead

Some matching earrings and I’m ready for a party.

Esfera Jewelry, latest bracelet and earrings

Esfera jewelry earrings with lampwork beads and Swarovski Crystal

You can participate as well. And the wonderful thing, you can win one of Lori’s berry beads as well! Now, isn’t that great or what?! Go and be inspired.


What a beautiful design Janine, love it all but the earrings are so cute. You are a such a clever beader! :) xxxx

Hi Claire

Thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I feel humbled by it, as you are such a great designer yourself.

Inspired Design challenge

Thanks so much for participating in my Inspired Design challenge, Janine! I am a sucker for anything with pearls and those are especially yummy looking! Love both of your designs and the little touches you added like the seed beads on the earring hoops. Good luck and thanks for sharing the inspiration! *Ü*

Thank you Lori

Thank you so much for your lovely compliment Lori. And for your inspiration!

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