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Interview with Teresa Hulley from Bo Hulley Beads and a Give-away

Bo Bulley Beads, new collection ceramic beads

For those of you who are following this blog or my facebook page, know I’m addicted to art beads; especially ceramic beads. And the beads from Bo Hulley Beads are definitely among my favourites. I was able to hoard a significant load of her bead candy in a really short period of time already. And she keeps on making new designs which are all wanna-haves, so I’m afraid we will have to consider buying a trailer so I have enough space to store them all.
Apart from her etsy shop  she now has her own website as well.
You can imagine how thrilled I was that Teresa Hulley agreed to do this interview.

Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

A week has past since our beautiful doggy died. I wasn’t able to do much this week but to browse through pictures and pictures of Indra. And walking. Hubby and I have walked miles and miles, crying, laughing and talking about our lovely girl.
So no new pieces from me this week. Somehow the beads were not “talking” to me.

Indra - In Memoriam

Indra, our Canadian Shepherd, White Shepherd, 1,5 years old

It’s been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened. The most important and very sad thing is that our beloved, beautiful girl, Indra, has died last Friday, November 15.

Indra was an amazing dog; to us she was the most beautiful, sweetest and funniest dog you can imagine (of course, every dog owner will say the same about his/her dog).

For 12,5 years she was our travel companion and our friend. She loved playing with balls and sticks, loved hiding games and chasing cats. She loved our travels and always liked to explore new terrain with my hubby.  

Reveal and blog hop autumn design challenge

Autumn design challenge

This year I participated in a blog hop for the very first time ever: the bead soup party. What great fun! A new addiction was born.
So I was thrilled two of my favorite bead artists, Lesley Watt of TheaElements and Caroline Dewison of Blueberribeads decided to host a challenge.
Both are not only talented bead artist but very gifted jewelry designers as well.

I was super duper thrilled to find out I was one of the lucky few to be able to participate. You can imagine I was doing my little happy dance around our truck. The dance became even wilder after finding out my lovely friends Lucy and Julie were participants as well!!! We wiggled our hips, we wiggled our toes, we were throwing our hands up in the air, we danced and sang, we had fun. And became nervous as well. I don't know why Lucy and Julie became nervous though, as they are so talented!


Berries and jewelry

Esfera jewelry creating with berries

Berries, I love them. I love the color, I love the taste, I love them all. Sadly, I’m allergic to them, so if I eat too many, I start to look like an alien, with strange looking bumps all over my body. And these bumps itch. So best to leave them alone, I guess.

New bead creations and latest news

Esfera jewelry bead embroidered necklace

Gosh, I just noticed my last blog is almost two weeks old already.
Time flies, especially when you are busy with work and trying to put some creating in the small amount of down time left.

But a lot can happen on the beading part in two weeks.

I won third prize in a bead challenge, I finished another bead embroidery piece and started on a bracelet in my new series in gypsy style

Bead hoarder

Esfera jewelry bracelet with art beads

Today is the reveal of the bead hoarders blog hop, organized by Lori Anderson, an amazing jewelry artist as well as an amazing human being. A person I admire very much. Although she has serious health issues, she still finds the energy to organize all these nice blogs and being this amazing person. Lori, I hope today as well as the days to come will be wonderful for you!

Ocean, bead embroidered bracelet, finished at last

Esfera jewelry, Ocean, bead embroidery art bracelet

It is there!! It took a while, it was almost forgotten but after working on and of on it for a couple of months my ocean bracelet is finished.


7th Bead Soup Party, second reveal

Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

The Bead Soup Party is hosted by Lori Anderson. She matches us up with a partner and we swap a clasp, focal and some extra coordinating beads. That’s part one of the fun: mixing up a lovely Soup for our partner.
Part two of the fun is creating something beautiful with the Soup you received and share it on reveal day. This year over 500 creative people are participating, so the reveal is spread out over a couple of weeks.

New bracelets and one necklace

White and pink bracelet with porcelain, ceramic, wood and resin

Today I decided to have a relaxing day as my family and I had a rough couple of weeks behind us.
My dad was in and out of the hospital several times, because of the really bad condition of his heart and his kidneys. But he is home again, after having his last operation last Wednesday.

I  created some lovely new jewelry with some of my new bead goodies. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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