Bracelets and Necklaces, from old to new, makeover

Bracelet in purple and white by Esfera jewelry

I guess I’m not the only jewelry designer who has finished pieces lying around with which they are not satisfied. They either don't look right because something is missing. Or pieces, which are finished, but never made it to Etsy for whatever reason. Or pieces that made it to Etsy but are still not sold.

The make-over

So once in a while I rummage through these pieces to make something new with them.
Here are the before and after pictures of 3 pieces I redid this weekend. Apologies for the bad pictures. It is raining and I had to take them inside with not the best of light.

Bracelet 1


Bracelet with gemstones in white and purple by Esfera jewelry

This bracelet actually sold in 2012 but the buyer decided she didn’t like the Chinese crystals in it. Too much bling. So I returned her the money and I received the bracelet back. And I had to admit after looking at it again, she was right, it was a bit too much bling. What was I thinking when I made it? No idea. So it sat in my pile of finished pieces for almost 1,5 years. Until I decided to disassemble it and re-use some items.

Here are pictures of the new piece. I am very pleased with the result.

Bracelet, fashionjewelry, purple and white, by Esfera Jewelry

I only used the jasper beads and some wavy discs and combined them with matte white resin beads from Smittenbeads and some lovely vintage Lucite beads. No bling in site.

Bohemian bracelet in purple and white by Esfera Jewelry

You can find this bracelet in my etsy shop.

Bracelet 2


Necklace with art beads by Esfera Jewelry

This necklace with gorgeous lampwork glass beads made by Donna Millard, a handmade polymer clay bird by PipsJewellery and lovely Czech glass beads has been sitting in my Etsy shop forever. I still like the piece and I have no idea why it didn’t sell. But it was time to turn it into something else.

Bracelet in yellow and red with lampwork glass beads by Esfera Jewelry

I only used the lampwork beads in the new bracelet and combined them with lovely matte lemon colored Czech fire polished glass beads and pomegranate seed beads from Smittenbeads and some soft yellow vintage Lucite beads. And some cute lucite flower dangles with Swarovski crystal

Bohemian, fashion bracelet in yellow and red with lampwork glass beads from Esfera Jewelry

And this bracelet is also for sale in my etsy shop.

Necklace 1


Necklace, in stringing magazine, by Esfera Jewelry

The original necklace was published in the Spring 2012 issue of Stringing magazine and it was my second piece ever published. I remember I was so proud that one of my pieces was good enough to be published. That hasn’t changed, I still am over the moon and humbled when submissions of me are published. But the necklace had to change. My taste has changed a bit and I find the necklace to have a bit too much chain and too little beads.

Turquoise necklace, fashionjewelry, by Esfera Jewelry

In the make over piece I used the gorgeous handmade wooden pendant and the chain with lots more turquoise beads, some wooden beads from Smittenbeads and a cute handmade ceramic bird by Gaea.

Necklace with ceramic beads, turquoise, made by Esfera Jewelry

It’s much better looking than the original one I think.
You can buy this necklace in my etsy shop.

And what do you think? Are the make-overs better than the original pieces?
Don't let the captcha scare you off and leave a comment. I'm always happy to read it.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you next time.

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