Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

A week has past since our beautiful doggy died. I wasn’t able to do much this week but to browse through pictures and pictures of Indra. And walking. Hubby and I have walked miles and miles, crying, laughing and talking about our lovely girl.
So no new pieces from me this week. Somehow the beads were not “talking” to me.

The Bead Smitten Christmas Gift Catalogue

I did manage to finish The Bead Smitten Christmas Gift Catalogue though. Full of lovely gifts you can buy for your loved ones, or put on your wish list. A couple of tutorials as well as some recipes make this magazine complete.

For a while now I am a very proud member of a lovely facebook group of very talented ladies: Bead Smitten. Started by the very talented Claire Braunbarth. She is the owner of Smitten Beads, a UK based online bead shop.

I thought it was a good idea to make the catalogue so you all can see what a mighty talented bunch of ladies are in this group. Mistakenly thought it would just take me a couple of hours. It took me a bit more (you can safely say far more than a couple of days) as I got lost in the gorgeous pieces of jewelry and the art beads the members are making.

But I honestly have to say I am very pleased with my first ever magazine.

Here it is, so you can decide for yourself. Take a nice cop of coffee (or wine), sit back, relax and browse through the various pages. It is an e-mag so you can click on the pictures and you will be re-directed to the page where you can buy the item.



I would love to read your comments, so please go ahead and leave a message. The capcha might seem a bit intimidating but it will not bite.




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