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Chocolate is the answer

Well, you could have been writing about me, for sure. About 2 months ago. With the encouragement of a sweet young lady from my church, I started on a plan that she had been on for about 5 months. She was a LOT heavier than me, and has to date lost over 100 pounds. In my 2 months, I've lost 13. Not nearly as impressive. And, yes, it's hard. It's a lot of cooking, and eating weird things. But I'm doing this for my body, which I have abused for quite a while.
I'm not someone who enjoys exercise, and I really tried hard to not do it. But, just like cutting out bread and sugar and white stuff, you HAVE to add the exercise in there.
I am straight up honest, you will backslide, you will feel like nothing's happening, you will feel resentful of folks that are still eating all that bad, delicious stuff. But it IS worth it. Just don't give up on yourself. Feel free to give me a shout when you're ready to scream and eat a gallon of ice cream! :)


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