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Hootie Bead Dangle Giveaway!

Ok so here's the thing. I went to a school of industrial design where pottery figured large right along side glass blowing, wood shops, weaving and other fabrics and fibres, photo and photo development (those were the days), drafting.. oh it was absolutely exquisite and I could myself very fortunate for all the experiences. Once, while firing some Raku, a fell classmate caught his hair on fire! We put it out but what an exciting few seconds. Salt glazing was another of our adventures. I simply love the process and your assertion that firing clay objects is like Christmas! Well anyway, I have not done ceramics or pottery in decades but just now my daughter has a deep abiding love of Hootie Owls so I'm entering your giveaway in the hopes that I can, if I win, use it as a vehicle to tell her some marvellous stories and maybe pique some interest in pottery in her. Cudos to you for following your passion!


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