I love clay blog hop

I love Clay Blog Hop

Lisa Lodge is not only well known for her lovely jewelry, but also for the fun blog hops she hosts.
“I love Clay blog hop” is my first of her blog hops to join.

Lisa sent me a gorgeous brown ceramic window pendant with 2 brown ceramic links. I'm so sorry, but I cannot tell you who the artist is, Lisa had these beads in her stash for some time now and she doesn’t know the artist anymore. If you recognize the artist, please do share this in a comment.

The reveal

As the time of the reveal was getting closer and closer, I still had not created anything. My muse had left me, due to the loss of my beautiful dog Indra. The beads simply didn’t “speak” to me anymore. And more stress was added as I had to make a piece for the Challenge of Color as well and I was going on a business trip, Thursday December 6.

So I emailed Lisa to let her know I couldn’t join after all. But I felt bad and guilty afterwards. She had taken the trouble to put together this matching set and host this wonderful blog hop. I could at least try to make something.

And I did, so I’m very happy I can share this with you today!

Esfera Jewelry, necklace with ceramic art beads and pendant

I wanted to do a symmetrical piece as that would be something outside my normal designer box. So I tried. And I have to say, the result is sort of symmetrical ;-) But not totally. The colors are, but the designer part of my brain didn’t want to cooperate fully with the symmetrical part. So the greenish beads are sort of similar in color, but different in shape.

Esfera Jewelry, I love Clay blog hop reveal, necklace with ceramic art beads

The house bead is made by Elukka. i chose it for the obvious connection with the window pendant. And I like the extra pop of color of the green.
The melon bead is made by Bo Hulley Beads. The green matches the green of the house bead.
I have combined them with blue tiger eye beads, wire wrapped with gun metal wire. I still have to work on my photography skills, so you can't see it very good in the pictures. But the tiger eye beads have a lovely color dark brown with blue hues.

Esfera Jewelry, necklace with Ceramic art beads, reveal I love Clay blog hop
The ribbon is sari silk in green and blue. The green matches the green of the beads and the blue accents the blue hues in the tiger eye beads.

Esfera Jewelry, art ceramic links

These beautiful links are still waiting for me to play with. I had an earring design in mind, but that took a lot of time, and I had to pack my suitcase. But I will reveal the design with the next blog hop of Lisa I am going to participate in.

Thank you for hosting this lovely blog hop, Lisa.
Please, don’t forget to visit the blogs of all the other participants and see their beautiful designs. Here is the list.

I love to read your comments so don’t be shy or let the (sadly necessary) captcha hold you back. Share your thoughts.


Simply Beautiful

I love your necklace! The colors and elements you used with the window pendant make for a beautiful necklace!!

love how you combines those elements.

It feels like a comfort piece. Hope it helped with your healing.

I'm glad you got to play,

I'm glad you got to play, your necklace is really pretty. I love the little house bead you added with your window. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on Lisa's blog hops.

Janine - I am glad you

Janine - I am glad you participated in the hop! The necklace turned out so beautiful. It makes me happy that you received the window. Your designs always have so much life and creativity in them. You made the window "sing" in this design. The little house bead works so well with the overall theme. Can't wait to see what earrings you make with the links.

I love clay blog hop

I know very well about your muse leaving you hanging, but it seems that yours came back with a little nudge in the right direction and helped you make a beautiful necklace. I love the use of the house bead to tie in with the window focal pendant and the blue Tiger's Eye was a good choice too, the sari silk just pulls it all together.

Balanced design

I think that there is wonderful balance to your design rather that symetry. Love the colours of the sari silk. Great work.


Your necklace is beautiful! I love all the elements. Your muse came through in the end.

This is a beautiful, simple

This is a beautiful, simple and colorful design. I'm happy you found the energy to share this beautiful necklace!

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