Indra - In Memoriam

Indra, our Canadian Shepherd, White Shepherd, 1,5 years old

It’s been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened. The most important and very sad thing is that our beloved, beautiful girl, Indra, has died last Friday, November 15.

Indra was an amazing dog; to us she was the most beautiful, sweetest and funniest dog you can imagine (of course, every dog owner will say the same about his/her dog).

For 12,5 years she was our travel companion and our friend. She loved playing with balls and sticks, loved hiding games and chasing cats. She loved our travels and always liked to explore new terrain with my hubby.  

Indra - travel buddy

Indra was our loyal and enthusiastic travel companion. She has probably seen more countries than a lot of people . I think Greece and Oman were 2 of her favorites.

Indra was an old lady already and we knew she wouldn’t be with us for very long. She had arthritis and her hips started to bother her. But she was still happy to be with us.
Suddenly, Friday afternoon she got very very sick (volvulus syndrome). As she was already 12,5 years of age, an operation was not an option. So we had to put her to sleep.
In a strange sense, next to the pain, we were relieved. As the decision to put her to sleep was made for us; there was no other option.
For some time now we were struggling with the question when we should make this decision, as she had problems with her legs and she got other problems related to her age as well.

We feel comfort in the knowledge she is now at peace and does not feel any pain anymore.
We know we did the best thing and we know it was her time, but still, we miss her terribly.

Indra, I hope you have a lot of fun in doggy heaven,  playing with rabbits and cats and sticks and balls. We love you and we miss you.

 Indra, as a very small puppie.Just like a tiny polar beer

Indra, a few months old

Indra, our Canadian Shepherd, a few months old.

Indra, our Canadian Shepherd, Swiss White Shepherd, 1,5 years old

Indra, our Canadian Shepherd, White Shepherd, 1,5 years old

Indra, our White Shepherd, in Oman, 2008, 7 years old

Indra, our White Shepherd, in Dubai, 2009, 8 years old




I cried when i read this Janine...the story is funny and sad and love the pics...gorgeous! sending (((HUGS)))

Thank you Debi!

Thank you Debi, your words mean a lot.


Oh Janine, this is beautiful and I really feel for you. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I know how you feel. Indra was so beautiful, I especially love the 2nd puppy photo it is brilliant. You will have lots of good memories and times to remember her by, take care it will get easier but you will be lost for a while xx

Thank you Leigh

Thank you so much for your lovely and comforting words, Leigh.

Oh Indra you are such a

Oh Indra you are such a beautiful dog, you will be missed by so many that have never met you!
Have fun playing from dawn till dusk now but don't eat too many doggy sweets now your mum is not watching you xxx

Thank you Catherynne

You put a smile on my face with your comment. She sure did like her sweets. Thank you Catherynne

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