Jewelry shop in Tolo, Greece

Jewelry shop Carmen, Tolo, Greece, Peloponnese

Since a couple of months our house is parked on a campsite on the peninsula of Greece called The Peloponnese, close to the lovely town Nafplio. Always on the look out for lovely jewelry and beads I spotted a gem of a jewelry shop: Carmen, situated in the small village Tolo.



This jewelry shop is owned by Giorgos Mitsoulas, a goldsmith by profession. His mother is Spanish, hence the name Carmen.

Jewelry shop Carmen in Tolo, Greece, Peloponnese

Before he opened his own shop in Tolo he worked for several other jewelry shops, the last one in Nafplio. Giorgos has a very distinctive and recognizable style and I can understand completely why he wanted to open his own shop.

Necklace, silverplated with enamel, jewelry shop Carmen in Tolo, Greece

Because of the crisis not many people have the budget to buy real gold or silver jewelry anymore. Giorgos responded to this trend and he now creates gorgeous heavily gold or silver plated jewelry, often with some enamel. The end result is always beautiful and lush. And very affordable.

Bracelet, silver and gold plated, jewelry shop Carmen in Tolo, Greece, Peloponnese

Bracelet silverplated with blue enamel, Tolo, Greece, Peloponnese

Giorgos likes to incorporate Greek as well as Spanish symbols in his jewelry, which makes it so distinctive.

Necklace and earrings, goldplated, jewelry shop Carmen, Tolo, Greece

Necklace, silver and goldplated, jewelry shop Carmen, Tolo, Greece

The good news is you don’t have to travel to Tolo, Greece to buy your own genuine piece of his jewelry. He now sells online as well.

Necklace, silverplated with blue enamel, Carmen, Tolo, Greece

The other wonderful news is that Giorgos and I are talking about some sort of cooperation, meaning I will use his gorgeous pendants and components and incorporate them in my own jewelry. I will keep you informed.

You can find Carmen in Tolo, Greece.

Carmen, jewelry shop in Tolo, Greece, Peloponnese

Giorgos has his own online shop as well as his own facebook page.

Thank you so much for joining and I would love to read your comments. Don’t let the captcha scare you off, it’s to prevent those spam robots to invade my blog.


necklace bought

We were in Tolo in June 2016 and my husband bought me a necklace made by Giorgos. Is is so beautiful and I love to wear it all the time! Furthermore, I get lots of compliments because of this handmade gift.
Thank you Giorgos!

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