Lampwork glass beads - Interview with glass artists Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads

Handmade lampwork glass bead Sistersbeads

My guest this month is not one but are two amazingly talented ladies: Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads.

These ladies are making absolutely gorgeous lampwork beads, of which, I have to admit, I have been able to amass quite a bit.

So I hope you are as curious as I am to learn more about these two very talented sisters.


Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads

Q: Can you tell us a bit of the beginning of your careers as bead artists?
A: It started when I took a jewelry class with some friends at work and I showed my sister, Celeste, how to make jewelry, and in the process, we looked at magazines that had pictures of lampwork beads.  We couldn't find any we particularly liked in the local bead stores so Celeste went about finding a class so we could make our own.  We took a three-day class with Malcolm Potek in Minneapolis and that started us on our journey.  That was eleven years ago and we haven't looked back since.

Lampwork glass beads by Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads

Q: Do you both work full time as artists?

Studio Cherie from SistersbeadsA:  No, Celeste (being MUCH younger than me) still has a full time job so she only sits at the torch occasionally.  I am full time. I treat it as a job and work at it seven days a week....and love it.  Glass is a wonderful medium and the possibilities for new ideas are endless. Every morning I still can't wait to light my torch. This is my career and I make my living with my art.  I'm dedicated to the craft and treat it with respect every day.


Glass storage Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads



Glass storage







Q:  Why did you choose glass as a medium to work with? Is there a particular sort of glass you like to work with? Are you planning to explore other materials as well in the future, like polymer clay, ceramic, metal?
A:  We work, mainly, with soft glass, Effetre, Bullseye, Reichenbach, CIM and Kugler.  I have dabbled in Boro but my love is soft glass. We don't really have time to explore other mediums or materials right now but who knows what the future may bring.

Sistersbeads, lampwork glass beads

Q: Are you both self-taught?
A:  Although we have taken a class with Michael Barley, most of our learning comes from trial and error (lots of 'em) and the lampwork community on-line, which provides helpful hints and new techniques.

Lampwork glass beads by Celeste and Cherie from Sistersbeads

Q: What inspires you in your work?
A:  I'm inspired by everything that surrounds me.  I see the change of the seasons and it's reflected in the colors I choose. I see a scarf or a certain print and want to see those colors reflected in my work.  I particularly love the colors of the desert and southwest and that has been a great inspiration for me.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Cherie from Sistersbeads

Q: Do you both like the same kind of beads or are each of you specializes in different techniques, styles, glass etc?
A:  Celeste has a truly unique sense of color. Sometimes she will put colors together that I would never imagine would work.  But they do!!  She inspires me to branch out.  I, on the other hand, love the bright primary colors and lots of BLING!  I couldn't imagine putting up sets without having some sparkle in them, like pixie dust, silver or dichroic.

Handmade lampwork glass by Celeste from Sistersbeads

Lampwork glass beads by Cherie from Sistersbeads

Q: What does a typical day in the lives of Cherie and Celeste look like? Can you tell if you both have divided the work of making beads as well as the work involves having a business?
A:  Since I lampwork full time, Celeste will send me her beads and I will put them on wire, take pictures and put them on eBay as well as on our website.

My day begins by takingLampwork glass focal by Cherie from Sistersbeads the beads, made the previous day, out of the kiln, cleaning them, stringing them and making them ready for pics. I then go to my studio and begin the thought process of coming up with ideas for new art.  This is, sometimes the hardest part of the process. Often, I just begin to wind a glass around the mandrel and see where it takes me. I love the look of Silvered Ivory and fine silver wire inside a bead and I try to incorporate it in as many beads as I can.  I also love silver infused glass, like Double Helix, because it's always a surprise as to how it will turn out. 

lampwork glass beads by Celeste and Cherie from Sistersbeads

Q: Is there a particular bead and/or jewelry artist you admire or whom you consider a role model?
A:  I'm inspired by the work of Michael Barley, Andrea Guarino and Heather Trimlett. When we started lampworking, we were particularly inspired by Kim Neely of Bluff Roads Glass. There are so many talented artists out in the lampwork community; we enjoy looking at what they produce as well.
We were particularly fortunate to have parents that were talented artists too. Our Mother was a well-known and incredible China painter who taught that art and our Dad enjoyed Stained Glass art, making windows, communities, kaleidoscopes and all kinds of interesting treasures. Their loving support and the support of other friends and family has been invaluable.

Q: If you were not bead artists, what would you both be doing?

A:  Celeste would be spinning and knitting, because she has recently been learning to do that. I probably would be painting or metalworking because I would love to try those mediums as well but I have only time for one obsession and that is glass and my beads.

lampwork glass beads by Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads 

Q: Do you have a life motto and if so, would you like to share this with us?
A:  If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. Sorry, but Celeste and I have a strange sense of humor.

Lampwork glass beads by Celeste and Cherie from Sistersbeads

Q: Do you have tips, tricks or advise you like to share with us?
A:  If you want to make this an income provider, treat it as a business, work hard and enjoy what you do every day.  I have found that trends in glass change.  When we started, eleven years ago, lampwork beads were at an all time high and, since then, there have been ups and downs, as in any business.  I find that consistency in our listings and attention to detail has been important to whatever success we have achieved.  

Handmade glass beads by Cherie and Celeste from Sistersbeads

We want to thank you, Janine, for your interest in our work and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with others in the lampwork community.  Celeste and I are very close sisters and are lucky to be sharing an interest together,

Cherie and Celeste, thank you so much for this wonderful interview. I think it is so beautiful if sisters are working together making such gorgeous beads.

Lovely readers, would you like to own some Sistersbeads love as well? Just go to their eBay shop or website, where you can buy your own set of beads.

And of course this interview would not be complete without a give-away. This month we have 4!! Yes, you read that right, 4!!!

Give-away 1 and 2

Cherie has made two very special set of beads, especially for this give-away. What a generous contribution.

Sistersbeads handmade lampwork glass beads

Give-away 3 and 4

I have made two bracelets with some of Sistersbeads lampwork beads.

Bracelet one

handmade bracelet by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

This bracelet is made with lampwork glass beads from Sistersbeads, a polymer clay rose from Beady Eyed Bunny, an old Maya "silver" bead, wood, lilac stone and Czech glass.

Bracelet two

Handmade bracelet by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

Made with lampwork glass beads from Sistersbeads, a handmade ojime bead (sleeping cat), old naga shell prayer bead, old bodhi seed prayer beads, old Maya "silver bead, copper and ceramic beads.

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The next artist in this series of interviews with Bead Artists is Kristi Bowman from Kristi Bowman Designs.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you next time.

Awesome website. Very

Awesome website. Very interesting to learn about the journey of fellow artists. And their beads are beautiful.

These beads are

These beads are gorgeous!Lovely interview,and i'm happy to learn about these talented ladies!How great that they have each other and they can share their passion for glass beads!

Your beads are beautiful!

Your beads are beautiful! Awesome interview. Great sisters! <3

Love the beads and your bracelets

Hi, The beads are gorgeous and I love, love, love the bracelets, specially the second one, made by you!

I have subscribed to your

I have subscribed to your mailing list

Such gorgeous beads and

Such gorgeous beads and bracelets. I would love to win them. Thanks for the opportunity

Following your Pinterest

Following your Pinterest page.

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Great interview and beautiful bracelets!


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I love your interviews. You keep introducing me to new people that get me in trouble! I had not seen their work, so I'm very glad to read the interview.
I'm with Cherie, I adore silver in any form in lampwork beads.
Thanks to all of you for the giveaways!

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I shared your post on Facebook. Thanks!

newsletter and ebay list

I just followed Sistersbeads on ebay and signed up for their newsletter. And checked out their auctions!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for this post! Sistersbeads are new to me, and I'm so happy to know about them. How wonderful to be able to work with one's sister making beautiful art!

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Beautiful beads...

Janine, thank you for this wonderful interview! This is a first for me and I'm so happy to have discovered your blog! Thanks to Celeste and Cherie for letting us into their "world of beading". Each bead is so unique... with its own personality! I've learned so much and appreciate all of your time and effort in creating beautiful art. All the best! -Denise Ventiquattro

Sistersbeads Interview

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Lovely interview. Their beads are absolutely gorgeous.

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Beautiful work from two sweet

Beautiful work from two sweet ladies I have the pleasure to "know" for the first time through this lovEly interview, thank you!

Another awesome interview,

Another awesome interview, Janine - and beautiful work, both Cherie and Celeste! I'm so grateful that you take the time to put these interview together to showcase all the talented people in this lovely community! Hugs! xo -- julie

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