New bracelets and one necklace

White and pink bracelet with porcelain, ceramic, wood and resin

Today I decided to have a relaxing day as my family and I had a rough couple of weeks behind us.
My dad was in and out of the hospital several times, because of the really bad condition of his heart and his kidneys. But he is home again, after having his last operation last Wednesday.

I  created some lovely new jewelry with some of my new bead goodies. I hope you like them as much as I do.

White bracelet with an extra pop

I decided to make a white bracelet with an extra pop of color: pink and brown.

White and pink bracelet with porcelain, ceramic, wood and resin

It features a beautiful ceramic pink birdie and a lovely white porcelain urchin from Blueberribeads. Isn’t the bird a cutie?! She is an amazing artist and create just the most amazing beads with either glass, ceramic or porcelain. She told me each needs different firing in the kiln, so it took her a lot of work to make these for me. Thank you Caroline, for going such great length to make me all these lovely treasures.

I combined them white resin and polaris beads and a lovely “love” tile bead, made by Jlynnjewels. I love her tiles. All of them!

Green bracelet with ceramic beads

My second bracelet is made with ceramic beads from one of my favorite bead artists, Bo Hulley Beads. In one of my favorite colors.

Green bracelet with ceramic beads, tyvek, aventurine and sari silk

It also features a beautiful tyvek bead made by Carolyn Saxby, some aventurine chips and of course sari silk for that extra lush look and feel.

Necklace with lampwork art bead and Czech glass

My last is a necklace made with a gorgeous lampie made by Donna Millard, a sweet polymer clay bird from Pips and some lovely Czech glass (the curious bead shop, so beautiful).

Necklace with lampwork art bead and Czech glass

All can be bought in my etsy shop.

Wow those came out great,

Wow those came out great, wish I could create jewelry like that. I especially like the bracelets, reminds me of something my sister would wear. Does creating jewelry like this help get things off of your mind? You got skills, it's definitely something to be proud of.

Hi Marius

Thank you for your lovely compliment. Creating jewelry is my passion and it does help me to relax and get things in perspective, or at least get them off my mind for a couple of hours.
And I'm still amazed and surprised people like my creations and actually buy them. I still feel like a novice.


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