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Winners of the give-away polymer clay beads by Pippa Chandler

Polymer clay beads by Pippa Chandler

About a week ago I published the third interview in my series of interviews with bead artists. The lovely and talented Pippa Chandler of PipsJewellery was so kind to share her story with us.

And she was so generous to contribute this gorgeous bead set for the give-away.
The other give-away is a necklace I creates with one of her lovely art-deco pendants and a beach hut, combined with Czech glass and red leather.

Polymer clay beads, Interview with artist Pippa Chandler with give-away

Polymer clay heart by Pippa Chandler

In my series of interviews with bead and jewelry artists, my next artist should be included.
Pippa Chandler is a very talented polymer clay artist and she makes gorgeous polymer clay beads, pendants and components, inspired by nature. Every time she surprises us with yet another new design.
By now you know I’m a bit of a bead collector (addict or hoarder my hubby would say) and a tiny amount of her beads (only a tiny amount) have found their way into my collection. Needless to say I love to know more about the woman behind the beads and I’m sure you will too.

Bracelets with handmade artisan beads, Art Bead Scene January challenge

Esfera Jewelry handmade bracelet

For more then 6 months I have been planning to participate in the monthly Art Bead Scene challenge. And time and time again I found myself wondering what had happened with my time in the first week of the following month.

But not this time. Ok, it is January 30, so I’m close. But it is still January, I'm in time!

Handmade jewelry and beads to be seen in this e-magazine

Esfera jewelry handmade bracelet

Lovely friends.
I have been a bit busy lately. I did create a tiny bit of jewelry, like this bracelet but I've been busy with something else as well.
In December I discovered Glossi and I made my first e-magazine. But it didn't stop there.


And the winners are.....drum roll please...............

THEAelements, handmade bronze leaves

About a week ago I published the second interview in my series of interviews with bead and jewelry artists. Lesley Watt of THEAjewellery and THEAelements was so kind to share her story with us. And she was so generous to contribute a gorgeous bead set to the give-away.
The other give-away is a necklace I creates with one of Lesley's gorgeous owl pendants I have been hoarding for a long time.

Interview with Lesley Watt from THEAJewellery and THEAelements

THEAelements, handmade bronze leaves

Lesley Watt is well-known for her beautiful jewelry. And it seems her talent has no end as her gorgeous bronze and copper components, which she creates and sells since the beginning of 2012, are a huge success as well.
As a bead addict (yep, I admit it) I too have some of her beautiful bronze and copper bracelet bars and bronze pendants (love my owl). 
You can understand my excitement when Lesley agreed to do this interview.

Year 2013, issue 2

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Hi my lovely friends,

First of all I wish you and yours a:

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Esfera Jewelry

Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

A week has past since our beautiful doggy died. I wasn’t able to do much this week but to browse through pictures and pictures of Indra. And walking. Hubby and I have walked miles and miles, crying, laughing and talking about our lovely girl.
So no new pieces from me this week. Somehow the beads were not “talking” to me.

Year 2013, issue 1


This is my first newsletter ever and I have lots of exiting news to share with you. So, grab a cuppa, put your phone on hold, sit back and relax.

First: I have a new logo!

Yep, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my old one, designed by my hubby. As I always have difficulty saying goodbye, it doesn't matter to what or whom, this was not an easy decision. Luckily hubby wasn't hurt in any way which made me feel more confident in transferring to a new one.
After seeing loads of examples the designer made, I picked this one:

New bead creations and latest news

Esfera jewelry bead embroidered necklace

Gosh, I just noticed my last blog is almost two weeks old already.
Time flies, especially when you are busy with work and trying to put some creating in the small amount of down time left.

But a lot can happen on the beading part in two weeks.

I won third prize in a bead challenge, I finished another bead embroidery piece and started on a bracelet in my new series in gypsy style

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