Reveal of the 2nd Annual Bead Hoarder Blog Hop

bead hoarders blog hop

The wonderful Lori Anderson is hosting yet another wonderful blog hop: the 2nd Annual Bead Hoarder Blog Hop.
Of course I enthusiastically signed up for this, loving blog hops.

Little did I know life got in the way as both my parents had to be admitted to hospital in November. I’m grateful my mum has recovered completely but my dad’s health situation is still very worrisome. But he is at home now and stable for the time being.

So I completely forgot about the blog hop. Luckily Lori posted a reminder but somehow I messed that up in my brain as well, thinking December 6 was on a Sunday, completely overlooking the word Saturday. So in my mind I thought I had today to create something for the blog. Not.
I’m so sorry you will have to do with some designs I made in October.


In October I had already set myself the goal to stop hoarding and start using those gorgeous beads. Which to be honest, is just an excuse, creating space to storage all the new goodies I bought.

I dived in my not so tiny collection of ceramic beads from Bo Hulley beads, hoarded for quite some time and created these three bracelets, using her ceramic beads and bracelet bars, combined with Czech glass and leather.

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with Ceramic beads from Bo Hulley Beads

Esfera Jewelry, artisan bracelet

Handmade, one of a kind bracelet by Esfera Jewelry

Artisan bracelet by Esfera Jewelry with ceramic beads from Bo Hulley Beads

 Esfera Jewelry wrap bracelet with ceramic beads

Wrap bracelet with leather and ceramic beads by Esfera Jewelry

My last bracelet is made with a gorgeous handmade bead made by Dayna Schutter combined with Czech firepolished glass from SmittenBeads and Czech glass buttons I picked up from the Bead Fest fair in Hamburg last August.

Artisan bracelet in grey and yellow by Esfera jewelry

Handmade bracelet with lampwork glass bead and Czech glass beads by Esfera Jewelry

All these designs are available in my etsy shop, except for the green/brown one, which has been sold already. Just click on the picture if you are interested.

Thank you so much Lori for hosting this wonderful blog hop. I hope you are enjoying your Zentangle class together with Zack today.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to read your comments, so please don't let the captcha scare you off.

And don’t forget to visit the blogs of the other participants to see what they created. You can find it here.



I'm hoping your parents are on the mend -- you did a beautiful job with your beads! I haven't mastered that technique yet but keep meaning to try.

I sure hope that your

I sure hope that your father's health continues to improve.

Incredible designs! I am especially partial to both the first and the last bracelet. I swear the beads in the last bracelet seem to glow.

Lovely designs :-) Love the

Lovely designs :-) Love the colours and textures in your bracelets.

Stunning pieces! I am not

Stunning pieces! I am not usually a green girl but that green necklace really caught my eye! Great wrist candy!

Bead Hoarders

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection of bracelets - gorgeous beads and creative designs! Sending good and healing thoughts to your parents.


Your pieces are so beautiful! I loved seeing them all. I send good thoughts for your father's full recovery.

Your jewelry is wonderful -

Your jewelry is wonderful - practical and wearable and enough to make a statement. They look awesome.

Absolutely stunning gorgeous

Absolutely stunning gorgeous bracelets, They are all incredible.

Hi Janine, Great job. all of

Hi Janine, Great job. all of your bracelets are beautiful. I hope your parents recover soon.

Your creations are always

Your creations are always beautiful. I have been an admirer of your work for quite some time. Your color combos are always amazing and your style is all your own. I adore all of the pieces you made for this hop!!

Hoarder Hop

Love Bo Hulley beads. You sure made some great bracelets. I do not know which I would wear first!.

Bead Hoarding

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work with us. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans, doesn't it? I can't even pick which one I like best.


Each and every single won is outstanding. I really love those ceramic focals and you paired them perfectly. The final bracelet is so different but just as magnificent.

I am glad to hear your Mom is better and your Dad is home- I hope he is able to find joy in his day.

Bead Hoarders!

I did the same thing...just totally forgot. Your pieces are stunning; I would wear any and all of them!

Your bracelets are very

Your bracelets are very organic in their look. I like their simplicity and your color combination choices. Lovely.

Beautiful and brilliant

Beautiful and brilliant designs! Love the color palates too. I adore how you put things together!

WOW ! I love it all so much !

WOW ! I love it all so much ! *u*

wow - I can't even pick a

wow - I can't even pick a favorite as I love them all! The focal clasp beads are gorgeous! And I'm loving the button beads - I hadn't seen that style before. Nice designs!

Bead Hoarders

Such a lovely collection of bracelets. I hope things get better soon with family health concerns.

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