Year 2013, issue 1


This is my first newsletter ever and I have lots of exiting news to share with you. So, grab a cuppa, put your phone on hold, sit back and relax.

First: I have a new logo!

Yep, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my old one, designed by my hubby. As I always have difficulty saying goodbye, it doesn't matter to what or whom, this was not an easy decision. Luckily hubby wasn't hurt in any way which made me feel more confident in transferring to a new one.
After seeing loads of examples the designer made, I picked this one:

Esfera Jewelry, new logo

I think it is wonderful!

Second: blog hops

After my first ever blog hop beginning of this year (the famous bead soup party) I'm hooked. Receiving beads, chosen by somebody else, is always exciting (who doesn't like nice surprises) but it forces you to think outside your comfort zone. The things you learn from that!
The blog hops I signed up for are:

"I love clay blog hop", reveal December 7, 2013
"Into the forest blog hop", reveal January 11, 2014
"Winter sparkle blog hop", reveal February 22, 2014

All hosted by Lisa Lodge from Pine Ridge Treasures.

My last blog hop I participated in was the Autumn Design Challenge, hosted by Lesley Watt from TheaElements and Caroline Dewison from Blueberribeads. You can see the designs I made here.
You can buy them in my etsy shop.

Third: interviews with my favorite bead artists

I'm soooooo exited about this. I'm planning to do some interviews with my favorite bead artists. The first series will go about bead artists making ceramic art beads. The lovely couple from Golem Design Studio, Vladislav Ivanov & Kremena Ivanova as well as Teresa Hulley from Bo Hulley Beads already agreed with an interview.
And there will be a give-away with each interview, YAY. This can either be some beads of the bead artist or a piece of jewelry I designed with one or some of their beads.

Here are two examples of jewelry with ceramic art beads.

 Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with art beads from Golem Design Studio and Elukka, combined with Czech glass

This bracelet is made with a lovely daisy bead from Golem Design Studio, a cute house bead from Elukka and an art tile from J-Lynn Jewels. Combined with Czech glass.

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with art beads from Bo Hulley Beads

This bracelet is made with ceramic art beads from Bo Hulley Beads, combined with Swarovski pearls.

Both bracelets are available in my etsy shop.

Fourth: celebration discount

To celebrate my new logo and all the other exiting news you will receive a discount of 15% on all my items in my etsy shop. Just use the code CELEBRATION during check out.
This discount is valid till October 19, 2013.
In the coming week more new items will be listed.

That's it for now. I hope you will join me for the next one.